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Coachella Diaries Pt. 2

Now the fashion at Coachella was a little bit all over the place. I took photos of some of my absolute favorite looks I saw on the field.  

Traditionally, people attending Coachella wear little bits of nothing and lots of tribal prints and headdresses and lots and lots of feathers. 

This year was definitely a blast from the past. Was this really Coachella or was it Woodstock? A lot of 70s-inspired threads were donned on the field. Knit crops and bandeau tops were some of the most popular go-to looks for festival-goers.

I saw a lot of pieces from Urban Outfitters on the field...especially this lace crop tank I was dying to have but at $48...waiting for sale.
There were really weird trends at Coachella this year like fuzzy animal hats with long ears...yeah grown-ups were wearing such things. 

Body paint was a huge trend amongst concert goers as well as feather hair extensions. There were so many girls with the feather hair extensions. I don't think it would work well with my hair for obvious reasons.

Also, the guys fashion sort of disappointed me. I'm going to need all the "bros" who attended Coachella to actually BUY a pair of shorts. Skinny jeans that are cut to LOOK like shorts make you look as if you should be on an island with Tom Hanks in "Castaway."

There were also people on the festival grounds walking around without shoes. That was absolutely disgusting. There were cigarette butts everywhere and you choose not to wear shoes? If you need to use the restroom, there are only port-a-potties and you still choose to not wear shoes? I swear I don't understand the logic of my fellow festival-goers.

Sidenote: If you're planning on going to Coachella, bring an oxygen tank. It was literally a free-for all for smoking. I developed a terrible cough on the first day because I wasn't use to breathing in an ashtray. I can't do any kind of smoke period so I was quite miserable for a while but I remembered I came for the shows and not to develop lung cancer from second-hand smoke...Rinny mad!

Also as I've said before I'm sXe or Straight-Edge and I'm simply not down with drug use of any kind. So when some odd girl asked me if I had any E, I gave her my strong side-eye. Apparently a lot of other festival goers were much less sober than yours truly.
in the H&M tent
In my case, I like to remember how much of a good time I'm having especially if tickets are upwards $300. You gosh darn better believe I'm going to remember EVERYTHANG! For that much money, I'm remembering what the person next to me ate for lunch at 2:30pm on the 1st day.

The second day I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, the Radio Dept and Empire of the Sun. Empire of the Sun gave THE BEST performance! I was dancing the entire set! I probably looked like a crazy banshee singing out loud and twirling but it was so invigorating!

Aside from the awesome performances, the second day was a bit iffy for me because my phone died! I couldn't find any of the friends I came with. Although they offer a free cell phone charging bar at Coachella, and I did use that bar to the fullest my phone would never fully charge. So on day 2, I  hung solo but still fun nonetheless.

I was extremely tired at the end of Day 1 and on Day 2 I retired in the middle of the closing Arcade Fire set. That oh so cool shimmer sunscreen I mentioned in my Coachella packing list EXPLODED in my purse causing Gold shimmer to go everywhere. Coincidently, the sunscreen mixed with the smooshed open syrup packet I had taken from the breakfast buffet earlier that morning. (The buffet had pancakes but NO syrup!) 
BTW, if you have a certain "wireless company", you get absolutely NO reception in the fields at Coachella. Bring a walkie-talkie because your cell phone becomes useless.
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  1. Hahaha, I have been laughing and agreeing like a mofo to all your coachella diary entries! i am also a fellow Aussie who has a pretty mad obsession with gigs and music festivals (ie. Coachella entry#3). I realllly wanted to come this year, purely for Kanye. But alas, I didnt think my uni lecturers would understand my need to take a whole week off exams and classes to jet set to Cali. lol. But side note: I read that you saw Tame Impala - oh man, I saw them just before they left for Coachella. A-MA-ZING! They keep getting better every year!

    And I also DO NOT get the drugs at festival. To pay that much money for festivals and only to get off yo face (aussie expression)during it all.. like jeez yo, such a waste of money!!!

    anyway, just wanted to comment to say i loved+appreciated your coachella entries :)
    x, kasturi.

  2. @Kasturi S. Tame Impala, I love them oh so much! Bless them and their awesome psychadelic tunes! I am definitely glad that you enjoyed my Coachella diaries series! You're FAWESOME!

  3. Rinny~
    I absolutely lurve the tribal bralette top thingy that the Asian woman is wearing...do you have any idea where that is from?!

  4. @Prissy I'm not sure exactly however this one by Mara Hoffman comes pretty close: http://www.shoplesnouvelles.com/solo2/dev/page/load/96/c/3/details/843/product/embroidered-bustier-top?source=pjn&subid=3410


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