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Coachella Diaries Pt. 3

Okay, so by Day 3, I had given up on make-up. My sunscreen failed me and I tanned into some kind of chocolate-y goodness! None of this really mattered to me because I just wanted to see my bands! 

My phone still had 1.5 bars of battery but I didn't care as long as I got to see the elusive Twin Shadow play, "I Can't Wait" live. I also got to meet Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr. after and he signed my vinyl. I have a picture but I look friggin uncomfortably grody in it. Therefore, I will not display it on the blog.

Twin Shadow in the Mojave Tent
After Twin Shadow, I wasn't really in too much of a hurry to see anyone else. Sure, I saw Ratatat and Foster, the People- which did an AMAZING set by the way! A little bit of the Death from Above 1979 set caressed my ears but for the most part I just parlayed in the shade and scarfed down chicken tenders and garlic fries. The thing I was so bummed about was missing the parties. Perhaps next year, I'll go and attend the parties and skip out on the festival.

Also, I'll opt for spray-on sunscreen because everything else is way too messy! Instead of cute breezy sandals I would wear boots but I digress.
Kanye and his Ballerinas

There were a lot of Australian folks at Coachella this year. I met one fellow who told me music festivals are big in Australian culture and that's why they trek down annually for Coachella. A friend and I were rocking out to Ratatat in the Gobi tent when we start playing around with English accents. Low and behold, it attracts the attention of 3 good looking Aussies who were very intrigued by our "accents."

I don't know how we pulled it off, but we were both from England for about 4 hours. Halfway through Kanye's set I'm singing along in my regular voice and then change it to sound English again. It was draining and I just wanted to admit we were just a couple of silly American girls after all but oh no the madness had to continue.
Kanye closing out Coachella

See my random Coachella review below:

I then ran into this really drunk guy named Zach who studied anthropology. Immediately, he tried to make out with me. I resisted and popped out of that situation like a fairy godmother. You see, on the last day of Coachella, everyone is really trying to "live it up" by getting as inebriated as possible. I, on the other hand just wanted to see what kind of grandeur show Kanye would bring to the Coachella stage. 

All in all, Coachella was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat with the same line-up of course and maybe some additions: Sade would be cool! Hall and Oates would be amazing! Destroyer and Friendly Fires would be oh so sweet! Rinny just likes to dance ya'll!

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  1. I would love to see more pics of that outfit. those earrings are HAWT!

  2. Thanks! It was a sample run but I'm contemplating bringing the earrings to the store soon!

  3. I'm an Ghanaian Australian too bad I missed it..where was it held? Might come down next year and also love the earrings :)


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