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Spring Forecast

All items shown are expensive as hell and from www.shopplanetblue.com
With Coachella approaching in almost 10 days, one only hopes to find the perfect outfit to frolic in the Indio sun. 70s Fashions appear to be all the rage this season! Why not? I love a soft modal fabric or loosely knit garment draping over me. It's ever so comfortable!

The only downfall I feel is that being that I have natural hair and I rock my fro ever so freely, I don't want to quite give off 100% SOULLLLLL TRAIN vibes. (Insert Don Cornelius)

Yes, I know it would have been more appropriate to include a clip of an actual "Soul Train" episode but I felt ya'll needed to see this video. The dance moves are shall I say "one of a kind."
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  1. God, I adore that song! I remember my first car solely having a tape cassette player, and I stole one of my father's tapes that had this song on it. I was in groovy heaven for a good summer.

  2. "Got to keep on dancin'"

    -That part is the best!

  3. The natural hair with the whole 70s thing that is taken over is perfection, you will be fine.

  4. Love that caption underneath the first collage. "All items shown are expensive as hell..." I lol'ed. =0)


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