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What to Pack for Coachella

So now Coachella is only 3 days away! My friends and I have been stressing over what to pack and whatnot.  So I decided to conjure up a little list!

Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential. I would include a hat on this list but unfortunately, I have a big head of hair and that just AIN'T happening! I love highlighting my skin with slight golden shimmer so Hawaiian Tropic shimmer sunscreen seems the way to go. (It was one of the only sunscreen products I saw that wasn't for kids or contained suntanning properties)

The Coachella desert is full of dry heat so you will definitely need to keep your body moisturized hence why I selected Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Gel and Body Oil. (Okay maybe that's not the only reason...I actually just really want an excuse to buy it.)

Shoes: Sandals seem to be the best bet. I really want the DV by Dolce Vita braid sandals but at $78....um, Gojane.com please!

Bring a point-and-shoot camera to capture the memories. Professional cameras aren't allowed at Coachella unless you have a press pass. You can also store your neat little camera in a cute floral backpack (TopShop) or this awesome Feather cross-body bag (No idea who makes it though). By the way, several comrades of mine desire fannypacks...to that I say, "Are you Kimmy friggin' Gibbler?!"

Some folks just opt for body paint but I think I'm going to at least do a natural shadow like the ones featured in the newly released NYX Nude on Nude palette. It comes with lip colors but I might just opt for my own lipstick instead. As for blush, my suggestion is to opt for a tint or stain such as Hard Candy's Cheek Tint. Cheek stains are said to last longer than powder blush and the object of Coachella is to be as carefree as possible..(or at least look it)
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  1. Luvin the blog! Following ya now on bloglovin!!

    ...shop, shop, shop

  2. Can someone explain what cochella is and what it's about?

  3. Coachella is definitely one of the biggest event of the music community. I'm always looking forward to this event every year. Last year, I had a blast and hoping this year will be as great as last year.


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