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Banana Split

Ah yes! Time for me to share my newest music listens with ya'll!

Battles- Ice Cream
When I first heard them I thought it was a new song by Animal Collective. (You have to admit the vocals are similar.) The music video is directed by CANADA who also directed my beloved El Guincho- "Bombay"

James Blake- Wilhem Scream
I discovered Mr. James Blake via my twitter follower Ali! I'm glad I did. James Blake is supposedly taking the dubstep world in a different direction. Too bad he sold out both of his L.A. shows!

Alright I owe ya'll 2 amazing playlists by the beginning of summer! Soon as things settle down with school. Transferring schools can be great fun and yet a nightmare when you're not guided. I'll get it together soon.
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  1. i LOVE james blake. and that new battles song is gonna grow on me, i can tell. james blake won me over as soon as i heard this and "limit to your love," with that sick ass wobble bass that is just orgasmic with loud speakers.

  2. I need to blast James Blake in a car with subwoofers. Also I think the Battles song is going to be my song for summer, similar to what El Guincho's "Bombay" was to me last year.

  3. I love everything about Battle's video! The song is awesome!!


  4. What can I say?
    It is very cool! I wonder how much will they make with these vids.

  5. It is a fair point but at James Blake Internet (JBi) we believe that something is missing if you don't meet you client face to face prior to working on the project and we will give 3 simple reasons why.


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