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Can't Wait

Oh glorious Monday morning. I'm positively well. So much is going on right now I'm playing catch-up. Summer is almost here but unfortunately in L.A. it looks like October?

Anywho...New items in the MissRiot.com store. I've added this super kawaii studded corset to the store but there is only one so if it's your size snag it!

I'm really excited right now for the great things to come. I've signed up for my first class at the Upright Citizens Brigade and absolutely can't wait to start! Who knows maybe one day I will be able to guest star as the first American actor on the I.T. Crowd. (Love Richard Ayoade)
If you ever need something to watch on your Netflix, this is hands down one of the funniest shows there is!

Okay ya'll have a good Monday!

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  1. you are my new favorite. the IT crowd is great! i love Matt Berry!

  2. that. bow. is. everything. Love it.

  3. For some reason, everyone calls me Mos...

  4. As a brit, I love that you love the I.T. crowd.

  5. I love the I.T. Crowd! niiiiiiice call lady.

  6. That bow is kick-a**! I love it!

    -Nicole Alicia
    Nicole Alicia's blog

  7. I love your blog! I like your style and your hair!

    Your blog reminds me that of www.brownskin.fr is a blog of a young French woman who speaks of natural hair and black beauty.


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