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Makeover Makeover: DIY Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges

Sleeveless Pink Shirt- Vintage, Black Mesh Jumper- American Apparel, Cross Necklace- XXI, DIY platforms- Moi

So I bought these platform woven wedges last year on Santee Alley in DTLA for $25. They're featured in one of my older posts. I love the look of length they gave my legs and anything over 5inches is okay in my book as far as shoes go!

Needless to say however, I got tired of the 70s-inspired woven pattern on the sole quickly. I needed to do something to protect my investment. So DIY to the rescue!

Here's what you need:
Black Acylic Paint, Thumb tacks 900-1000 (Try Staples or Walmart or the Dollar Store) and Matte Black Spray Paint


  1. Paint over the woven sole with black acrylic paint (It looked super nice and I wore it just like this for a while.) It takes a couple of hours to dry so I'd recommend painting at night and continuing in the morning.
  2. Stud the woven sole with the silver thumbtacks. (This can take you a few hours if you don't have cable. It could be weeks if you do!
  3. Spray paint the gold metal buckles with matte spray paint to match the rest of the shoe. A couple of coats is best to prevent crackling paint.
VOILA! Enjoy your new Jeffrey Campbell- tick wedges for a fraction of the cost!

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  1. LOVING this look Rinny! And who would've thought?? This is amaze, great work!

  2. Love the DIY and those pants, they look super airy and comfy

  3. awesome DIY. :)


  4. Great DIY.

    And the trousers look really nice!

  5. This is one of the best and easiest die's. The new wedges look hot!

  6. oh my gosh this is a BRILLIANT diy. love it so much. will definitely try sometime :)

  7. Wow! this jumper is awesome! I love your blog. Greets from Germany:)


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