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Night Creepers


Only God knows how much I've watched this video over the weekend! I truly admire Drew Barrymore's directing. The girl is crazy talented! Whip It was awesome (especially since it was set in Tejas!)  What I really enjoyed in this video was of course the styling. The look of the Night Creepers gang was is very post-punk meets Rockabilly, a look I donned most of 2007. Take a look as Chloe Moretz of (500)Days of Summer shines as Veronica in the Night Creeper gang...Oh and that kid from Maid in Manhattan is in the video too.

Anyway, I was inspired to put together like pieces to form my own take of the Night Creeper gang look. By the way the Night Creeper jackets were designed by Jezebel & Toff

Studded Denim Shorts- Runawaydreamz, Rose printed leather jacket- MadeMe Fall 2009, Cut-out boot- Balenciaga Spring 2011 ($1275 BudgetBuster!)
Are you a Day Trotter or a Night Creeper?
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  1. aww I've been in love with best coast since last year. Drew barrymore and the street gangs and the song were a good match. It was kinda cheesy, but that why I like best coast in the first place. I recognized most of the actors too.

  2. I would have to say that I'm definitely a night creeper


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