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American Apparel Flea Market

Me and my mate Edith from the U.K. have been taking advantage of the American Apparel Flea Market in downtown L.A. There was simply too much of a good deal there.

We arrived around 10:30AM on a Friday and the crowds were modest. We found parking relatively easy and went to work. Once inside, the first thing we noticed is the walls were lined with vintage finds; all of which were marked an additional 40% off. As you move closer inside the factory floor, you find your staples such as hoodies, v-necks, dresses, skirts, denim etc. Needless to say it was easy for one to get carried away. A live DJ set up provided music from Viva-Radio which was blasting the obscure indie as usual and bands such as Puro Instinct were scheduled to play during the evening.

The only bummer was the LONG lines. I recommend getting there early or else be prepared for a 45 minute-hour wait for checking out.

There were so many goodies! I wish I saw more micro-mesh though. Alas, I believe me and Edith shall be returning tomorrow because the event goes through Sunday. If you're in L.A., I would definitely take advantage of this awesome sale. It's the only one they've had in almost 3 years!
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  1. so jealous we have a lil shop in uptown here in mn but they are expensive i'm always looking for sales i get top name brands for like 3 dollars i would have went to town there love ur hair btw once my hair finish growing out i think it will be about ur texture.

  2. wow . this makes me wish i were in LA. i love your hair btw.

  3. ugh! you totally have me california Dreaming at the moment!


  4. I wish I lived in LA, that sale looked amazing!!!

  5. I want them to have sales every weekend! GAH!

  6. That line doesn't seem to have an end! You guys must have burned up the cash register with the cumulative number of items checked out that day!


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