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Culture Collide

Yesterday, I attended the Filter Magazine Culture Collide block party in Los Angeles. This was my second year attending and it's always a good time. Echo Park was taken over by bands and food trucks
and the crowd was pretty massive this time around.

My highlights would definitely be seeing CSS perform. The lead singer Lovefoxx is full of so much awesome energy and she explicitly let the crowd know how much the band loves In-N-Out (Who doesn't love the burger delivered from God himself?)

Now I have to retreat back to my cubby to continue to deal with this epic wisdom tooth pain I've had for over a month now. I can't chew on the right side of my mouth. Luckily I'm getting an extraction on Friday and I pray to Zeus it isn't painful... and that' I'm able to listen to my iPod during the procedure.

Alright as always I like to leave with a little ear candy. Here's my song choice of the moment. Super chill.

Photos by my Good friend Richard
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  1. great photos and outfit - looks like you had a great night!

    loving the hair aswell - i wish it was a little warmer so i could wear my hair out :)




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