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Christmas 2011 Wish List

It's that time of year again...where consumerism paints my heart black. These are a few heavy wants on my wish list:

1. Pop Psychedelic book by Big Bros Workshop
2. Fluro Yellow Batchel by Cambridge Satchel Company
3. Daria The Complete Series DVD Box Set
4.Galaxy Green Dress by Black Milk
5."Lesser Matters" album by The Radio Dept.
6.Dr Martens Patent Leather Boots
7.Custom Nameplate necklace...like the good old days when Shenequa was a common name...now everyone is named Madison and Apple
8.UNIF Hellraiser loafers in pink
9.T.U.K. Mondo Creepers

These are just a few items I hope make it underneath my tree this year. But even if they don't I still have ya'll-my awesome readers whom I appreciate very much!

As always here is the song of the day! -Can you guess which 90s girl group was sampled?
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