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Jewel Nails

Coco recently got the new Milani Jewel FX glitters from CVS in Houston. (Too bad I can't find them here in L.A.) They give a bombshell glam look on a budget!>
A while ago, say 2009, I blogged Coco trying out Minx nails. Well Coco moved on from Minx nails to Rockstar nails which were much more elaborate and EXPENSIVE. 
Finally she started doing her own nails and boy am I amazed at her creativity.
She has got to teach me how to do this stuff.

Real Girl

Jubilant thanks to Dee O. for featuring me on her blog: That Good Good
I'm amazed at the reception of my style and of course more than happy to see my new followers! Made it to a crisp 400!

Now that I have your attention my lovely beautiful people:
Please cast your vote for me in the Black Opal True Beauty Model Search!   You can vote once everyday!

I have like 11 votes so far and I know I have a lot more cool readers than that! Help me make 400 ya'll!
Grand prize is a scholarship! Believe me, it would be nice to have 1 job and focus on school. ---Alright back to work!
Love Ya'll!


P.S. shoutout to reader, Sarah who spotted me at the MLK celebration in Leimert Park! Loved your silk crop(forgot to tell ya!)


Yay! Finally the MissRiot.com is officially open for business! Click HERE to shop the store or click the "SHOP" option at the top of the blog.

Sorry it took so long I am a woman of many jobs! There never is any time when you're working! I am still updating item details and measurements as I go but if you need further details let me know at rinnyriot@gmail.com

Leopard Print Dreams!

Clockwise from Left to right: Tripp NYC Leopard Skinny Jeans, Brian Atwood "Lola" pumps, H&M Tribal and Leopard Jumpers, Giuseppe zanotti leopard wedge
So it just so happens every year I make fashion trend predictions  and they come to fruition. Unfortunately, I make these predictions only to myself and have yet to find a way to make it a bankable asset without making me look like the crazy leopard lady.

This year (and every year since the Spice Girls formed) I have been an avid supporter of animal print. My favorite of course is leopard! I have a unique feeling we will see more of my coveted Subsaharan prints this spring. H&M has already released photos from their Urban Vibes campaign which highlight animal and tribal prints.

Oh yes 2011 will be a very good year!


While I was in Texas for the holidays, I noticed my aunt had an old dance picture of My sister and I. I believe this is from a Christmas Dance pageant in 1995. 

I miss those days of Saturday practice complimented with a Shipley's glazed donut and orange juice. (Houston folks know about Shipley's!)

Sidenote: Beyonce and I had the same dance teacher, Miss Darlette. I guess that explains her obsession with the fleshtone dance tights. I remember watching MTV one day to see Destiny's Child talking about Popeye's chicken and the next thing I notice Miss Darlette pops up on the screen! Small world. 

If I was only 7 years older we could have been in the same class and then I could be singing "Say My Name" on stage and not the school bus...le sigh!

I was sad when we stopped taking dance lessons at Kids N' Dance. I think I traded dance for piano lessons which I later traded for Theatre which I later traded for cheerleading which....(yah, I'm all over the place.)

Ya'll I'm just rambling and reminiscing about the past! I wish I could find my Kids N' Dance classmates...or remember their names? 

I guess the lesson here is love the life you live!

Natural Hair Day

Today is #NaturalHair day on Twitter! Make sure you curly girls and guys use the #naturalhair hashtag in your tweets! Let's start off 2011 strong!

"The bigger the hair, the closer to God!" -Old Texas Saying
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