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Feliz Cumpleanos!

Today has been fairly lax. It's my 2nd birthday that I'm celebrating in L.A! 2 years going strong! Thank You friends and family for all the great wishes and supercool gifts to play with!

Ya'll make me feel really special!


This epic song by Destroyer has made my Saturday go by smoothly. Every time I discover how much I enjoy an artist, they just happen to have a show in L.A. Too bad this week's Destroyer and War on Drugs show is sold out much like the Coachella music festival.

Oh yeah and to Coachella with their super duper security wristbands: ARGH! I HATE YOU!
It's bad enough the tickets sold out within 6 days of the line-up being announced. What if a girl didn't have her funds right at that time? What if I was debating how bad I really wanted to see Twin Shadow perform since he's not doing an L.A. show...and speaking of Twin Shadow:

I listened the the Twin Shadow record repeatedly throughout January and February which were coincidently the hardest months of my life in L.A. His song, "Tyrant Destroyed" has literally blared out of my car's speakers everywhere I go. It somewhat personified exactly what I felt and still do in some respects of my life and the people I choose to be apart of it. I bought his album Forget from Amoeba in Hollywood and I can't but help but love it as it mends a part of me that was so broken I didn't know how to regroup.

It's sort of amazing how much music can change ones life and seep into the soul to trigger pain, redemption and open a book of creative soul searching. I digress ya'll I just love good music!

Boom Boom Now

Hair Bow headband- MissRiot.com, Ankh ring- Missriot.com Pullover Sweater- Kensie, Printed Jumper Pants- Forever 21, Shoes- Jessica Simpson "Dany" Platform

I'm getting way too comfortable in these Jessica Simpson "Dany" platforms. Seriously, I wear them everywhere: shows, record stores, grocery shopping etc. I don't even like to wear heels but I love a good comfortable platform.

I spent most of the weekend re-doing the Missriot.com store and buying multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies. You will happily find new custom-made products (i.e. hair accessories and jewelry pictured above) by yours truly!

I had the pleasure of attending a charity event for actress, Karyn Parson's Sweet Blackberry foundation this past weekend at home of an Oscar-winner(who is also coincidently from Texas) and it just made me think I must work 10 times as hard to accomplish my dreams. You don't go from no swimming pool to an Olympic sized swimming pool over night! (Not that I can swim anyway) What's amazing is the intense desire shared amongst these individuals to give back to the community. No, this isn't something on the cover of People magazine but it's important as the day is long!

I'm definitely cherishing the time I have right now in California and sans distractions of Southern comforts. I always tell people that L.A. is a place to pursue your career and not one to "settle" or get too comfortable because everyone around you is constantly moving. When I'm ready to settle down, I'll move back to Texas. Until then, I'm in it for the long haul.

Spring Awakening

V-neck- Urban Outfitters, Chiffon Skirt- American Apparel, Jessica Simpson "Dany" Platforms

Just really happy that it's March! My birthday is at the end of the month and I plan on being a really big kid! I just hope it doesn't rain or get randomly cold this year. Sidenote: I love these gorgeous Japanese blossoms that are blooming in L.A.


As I Am Naturally Hair Care Products Review

Here is my comprehensive review of the As I Am Naturally Hair Care Product line.
I break down what I like and didn't like in the video but here is a quick run down of their products

Ratings are as follows: NO THANKS, AVERAGE, NICE and THE BOMB.COM

Cleansing Pudding: THE BOMB.com! This product has a really good creamy consistencyy. It feels as if you're working a silky smooth pudding through my hair. I definitely noticed the difference in washing my hair with the cleansing pudding. My hair is usually very smooth and easy to detangle after using this product.

Coconut Co-wash: AVERAGE...I feel it's more of your standard conditioner. The texture isn't as silky smooth as the cleansing pudding so it's a bit hard to manipulate but it appears to be a standard conditioner.
Smoothing Gel: NICE I'm not a gel person so it would be hard to give any gel a high rating. However I did enjoy the fact it didn't harden my hair.
Curling Jelly: NICE. It held my curls right out of the shower. It just took a while to dry. I was able to do a nice fro-hawk the following week. (Yes I was that amazed with the curls I left then un-washed for a week.)
Leave-in Conditioner: NICE I found that it smelled amazing and the consistency is similar to Cantu Shea Butter. I attained my first successful wash-n-go while using it. However there was flaking! Just didn't make me head over heels.
Double Butter Cream :AVERAGE. Your basic moisturizing cream. It's good if you'd like a daily moisturizer
Cocoa Shea Spray: NICE.until It hardened on me! It was a great spritzer but I don't know why it turned into hard goop?
Moisture Milk: (Just tried this!) NO THANKS. I had the same issue with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and seems like all products called "Milk" It was a little bit too greasy for me to deal with. My hair felt extremely greasy after I applied it.
Twist Defining Cream: TBA (I need to do a full twist out later this week.)

Overall the line isn't too bad a few good stand out products (i.e. the Cleansing Pudding) and a few not so good ones.

For more information on their products visit their website: www.asiamnaturally.com

Nu Shooz

I was so lucky to snag the last pair of Jessica Simpson "Dany" platforms from Macy's this weekend on sale. It was a mad house with only one cashier but I was determined to brave their crowded shoe department to leave with the ultimate shoes. I'm so excited about these...they're so comfortable. I'm in love!
My new shoes make me feel like this:
Ah! It's an amazing feeling...now if I could only have a break from work and school to wear them around...

Now what I really wanted were the snake skin version but alas Macy's didn't have them. However these are from Zappos and I really wish I knew they carried them before I decided to venture into the depths of the jungle also known as the womens shoe department.

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