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Twin Shadow

I just so happen to enjoy the music of Twin Shadow a lot. I know I mentioned the band before but it's in my veins. I recommend everyone go get a copy of "Forget." It is well worth the money! I was inspired to attempt a little artsy project for the song, "Tyrant Destroyed." Be warned that the project is a little unfinished. I'm an impatient Aries so I'm like 2 tears in a bucket...(you know the rest.) There will be better projects in the future I promise.
This is actually the first vinyl, I've purchased. I bought it at Coachella because they did an artist signing. I don't even own a record player...so...yeah. Oh well, at least I got an autograph!

Coachella Diaries Pt. 3

Okay, so by Day 3, I had given up on make-up. My sunscreen failed me and I tanned into some kind of chocolate-y goodness! None of this really mattered to me because I just wanted to see my bands! 

My phone still had 1.5 bars of battery but I didn't care as long as I got to see the elusive Twin Shadow play, "I Can't Wait" live. I also got to meet Twin Shadow's George Lewis Jr. after and he signed my vinyl. I have a picture but I look friggin uncomfortably grody in it. Therefore, I will not display it on the blog.

Twin Shadow in the Mojave Tent
After Twin Shadow, I wasn't really in too much of a hurry to see anyone else. Sure, I saw Ratatat and Foster, the People- which did an AMAZING set by the way! A little bit of the Death from Above 1979 set caressed my ears but for the most part I just parlayed in the shade and scarfed down chicken tenders and garlic fries. The thing I was so bummed about was missing the parties. Perhaps next year, I'll go and attend the parties and skip out on the festival.

Also, I'll opt for spray-on sunscreen because everything else is way too messy! Instead of cute breezy sandals I would wear boots but I digress.
Kanye and his Ballerinas

There were a lot of Australian folks at Coachella this year. I met one fellow who told me music festivals are big in Australian culture and that's why they trek down annually for Coachella. A friend and I were rocking out to Ratatat in the Gobi tent when we start playing around with English accents. Low and behold, it attracts the attention of 3 good looking Aussies who were very intrigued by our "accents."

I don't know how we pulled it off, but we were both from England for about 4 hours. Halfway through Kanye's set I'm singing along in my regular voice and then change it to sound English again. It was draining and I just wanted to admit we were just a couple of silly American girls after all but oh no the madness had to continue.
Kanye closing out Coachella

See my random Coachella review below:

I then ran into this really drunk guy named Zach who studied anthropology. Immediately, he tried to make out with me. I resisted and popped out of that situation like a fairy godmother. You see, on the last day of Coachella, everyone is really trying to "live it up" by getting as inebriated as possible. I, on the other hand just wanted to see what kind of grandeur show Kanye would bring to the Coachella stage. 

All in all, Coachella was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat with the same line-up of course and maybe some additions: Sade would be cool! Hall and Oates would be amazing! Destroyer and Friendly Fires would be oh so sweet! Rinny just likes to dance ya'll!

Coachella Diaries Pt. 2

Now the fashion at Coachella was a little bit all over the place. I took photos of some of my absolute favorite looks I saw on the field.  

Traditionally, people attending Coachella wear little bits of nothing and lots of tribal prints and headdresses and lots and lots of feathers. 

This year was definitely a blast from the past. Was this really Coachella or was it Woodstock? A lot of 70s-inspired threads were donned on the field. Knit crops and bandeau tops were some of the most popular go-to looks for festival-goers.

I saw a lot of pieces from Urban Outfitters on the field...especially this lace crop tank I was dying to have but at $48...waiting for sale.
There were really weird trends at Coachella this year like fuzzy animal hats with long ears...yeah grown-ups were wearing such things. 

Body paint was a huge trend amongst concert goers as well as feather hair extensions. There were so many girls with the feather hair extensions. I don't think it would work well with my hair for obvious reasons.

Also, the guys fashion sort of disappointed me. I'm going to need all the "bros" who attended Coachella to actually BUY a pair of shorts. Skinny jeans that are cut to LOOK like shorts make you look as if you should be on an island with Tom Hanks in "Castaway."

There were also people on the festival grounds walking around without shoes. That was absolutely disgusting. There were cigarette butts everywhere and you choose not to wear shoes? If you need to use the restroom, there are only port-a-potties and you still choose to not wear shoes? I swear I don't understand the logic of my fellow festival-goers.

Sidenote: If you're planning on going to Coachella, bring an oxygen tank. It was literally a free-for all for smoking. I developed a terrible cough on the first day because I wasn't use to breathing in an ashtray. I can't do any kind of smoke period so I was quite miserable for a while but I remembered I came for the shows and not to develop lung cancer from second-hand smoke...Rinny mad!

Also as I've said before I'm sXe or Straight-Edge and I'm simply not down with drug use of any kind. So when some odd girl asked me if I had any E, I gave her my strong side-eye. Apparently a lot of other festival goers were much less sober than yours truly.
in the H&M tent
In my case, I like to remember how much of a good time I'm having especially if tickets are upwards $300. You gosh darn better believe I'm going to remember EVERYTHANG! For that much money, I'm remembering what the person next to me ate for lunch at 2:30pm on the 1st day.

The second day I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, the Radio Dept and Empire of the Sun. Empire of the Sun gave THE BEST performance! I was dancing the entire set! I probably looked like a crazy banshee singing out loud and twirling but it was so invigorating!

Aside from the awesome performances, the second day was a bit iffy for me because my phone died! I couldn't find any of the friends I came with. Although they offer a free cell phone charging bar at Coachella, and I did use that bar to the fullest my phone would never fully charge. So on day 2, I  hung solo but still fun nonetheless.

I was extremely tired at the end of Day 1 and on Day 2 I retired in the middle of the closing Arcade Fire set. That oh so cool shimmer sunscreen I mentioned in my Coachella packing list EXPLODED in my purse causing Gold shimmer to go everywhere. Coincidently, the sunscreen mixed with the smooshed open syrup packet I had taken from the breakfast buffet earlier that morning. (The buffet had pancakes but NO syrup!) 
BTW, if you have a certain "wireless company", you get absolutely NO reception in the fields at Coachella. Bring a walkie-talkie because your cell phone becomes useless.

Coachella Diaries Pt. 1

Photobucketoachella! Oh My word! This three-day music festival in the desert was the most intensely awesome experience, I've had since I moved out to California. Of course it was hot as Hades in the field but it was worth every drop of sweat!

Day 1 was amazing! I frolicked around the field with friends and even made a few new pals. I met the fierce Claire of The Fashion Bomb Daily at the H&M Concious Tent which was something like an Oasis in the hot Coachella desert. They offered free cool water and an air-conditioned spot to get away from the heat in between shows. There were tons of bloggers snapping photos for Coachella and I was spotted by Fabsugar.
Ridiculous 3 hour wait for Showers on the Campgrounds

 I camped in tent camping for Coachella and it was an "experience." You have to wake up at 7AM because the sun makes it so incredibly hot that you can't sleep in your tent.  So you march out of your tent early thinking no one is up and you can hop in and out of the showers...NO. You have a 3 hour wait in a LONG line with other sweaty Coachella enthusiasts. Best thing to do is make friends- it will make the time go by faster. (Shout-out to Cassie, Veronica and Leslie- my shower pals!)

 Lauryn Hill on the Coachella Stage
Food is what you will spend the most money on here. It's about  $10-$12 a meal depending on what beverage you purchase. Water is always $2. Sports drinks, sodas and Honest Tea were all $4. One thing that I will say is the Spicy Pie pizza place was delicious! Only $6 for a slice of cheese...I ate there twice. There was also this incredible chicken tender and garlic fries vendor out of El Cerritos, CA...ate there twice too! I also tried Hawaiian donuts which are basically beignets but not as good.

 Tame Impala at the Outdoor Stage

The shows were amazing! The first day I saw one of my favorite bands, Tame Impala, whom I've already seen twice before but they always put on a great show. I also went to this gnarly Skrillex show which was very Dub-step-y and I'm necessarily a Dub-Step fan but for the sake of Coachella I was banging my head with the best of them.

Next up was Odd Future or OFWGKTA. They were in the Sahara tent right after Skrillex. Now I have never heard any of their music before but I was curious since everyone raves about them. The show was...um...interesting. Those guys definitely carry a lot of energy in their show but I was a bit turned off when one guy started coughing up a loogie on stage into the audience...grody.

Next I headed to see CeeLo who was 30 minutes late to his set because of travel issues. They cut him off in the middle of his hit, "F*** You" and boy was he pissed about it. Needless to say, they restored his sound and he finished his set and left.  I also saw the lovely lasses of Warpaint perform one of my favorite songs, "Undertow"

I also saw Glasser, Kele, Miguel, Robyn some of Yacht and Lauryn Hill who was NOT late to her set this time around. She gave a great performance and brought so much energy. As for clothing choice...is she preggers?

By the end of the day I was exhausted and barely made it to the GAYNGS set which was right after Robyn, who has so much rhythm it's ridiculous! I still can't believe this is the same Robyn I watched perform on
"All That" in the 90s.  More Coachella details to come soon! I can't cram everything in one post!

What to Pack for Coachella

So now Coachella is only 3 days away! My friends and I have been stressing over what to pack and whatnot.  So I decided to conjure up a little list!

Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential. I would include a hat on this list but unfortunately, I have a big head of hair and that just AIN'T happening! I love highlighting my skin with slight golden shimmer so Hawaiian Tropic shimmer sunscreen seems the way to go. (It was one of the only sunscreen products I saw that wasn't for kids or contained suntanning properties)

The Coachella desert is full of dry heat so you will definitely need to keep your body moisturized hence why I selected Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Gel and Body Oil. (Okay maybe that's not the only reason...I actually just really want an excuse to buy it.)

Shoes: Sandals seem to be the best bet. I really want the DV by Dolce Vita braid sandals but at $78....um, Gojane.com please!

Bring a point-and-shoot camera to capture the memories. Professional cameras aren't allowed at Coachella unless you have a press pass. You can also store your neat little camera in a cute floral backpack (TopShop) or this awesome Feather cross-body bag (No idea who makes it though). By the way, several comrades of mine desire fannypacks...to that I say, "Are you Kimmy friggin' Gibbler?!"

Some folks just opt for body paint but I think I'm going to at least do a natural shadow like the ones featured in the newly released NYX Nude on Nude palette. It comes with lip colors but I might just opt for my own lipstick instead. As for blush, my suggestion is to opt for a tint or stain such as Hard Candy's Cheek Tint. Cheek stains are said to last longer than powder blush and the object of Coachella is to be as carefree as possible..(or at least look it)

Spring Forecast

All items shown are expensive as hell and from www.shopplanetblue.com
With Coachella approaching in almost 10 days, one only hopes to find the perfect outfit to frolic in the Indio sun. 70s Fashions appear to be all the rage this season! Why not? I love a soft modal fabric or loosely knit garment draping over me. It's ever so comfortable!

The only downfall I feel is that being that I have natural hair and I rock my fro ever so freely, I don't want to quite give off 100% SOULLLLLL TRAIN vibes. (Insert Don Cornelius)

Yes, I know it would have been more appropriate to include a clip of an actual "Soul Train" episode but I felt ya'll needed to see this video. The dance moves are shall I say "one of a kind."

Como la Flor

Dress- Material Girl, Over the Knee Socks-American Apparel
OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona and San Tan-Tonio
Nails Did- San Tan-Tonio
          Ah cosmetics, we meet again. I have treated myself (emphasis on TREAT because MAC=$$$) to  MAC Cosmetics lipstick in "Morange." I love a brightly colored lip on brown girls and this bold orange is no exception! It's a step away from the conventional NYC "Retro Red" I usually wear but it can be toned down for a decent everyday look.

        I also had to get a nice birthday pedicure so I headed to JCPenney's salon, (one of the only spots I know to sell OPI in the Valley). They have a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal on all OPI products and I was hands down ready to try the new TEXAS collection because after all...I am a Texas girl! I wasn't really enthused with the colors but I did find the skin-tone like "San Tan-Tonio" nail polish nothing short of amazing. I'm rocking it now! Barefoot in Barcelona is my 2nd choice. I have a feeling these colors will match the Coachella-esque fashions of Spring!

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Belated Birthday

As you can see I had quite the fiesta for my birthday. The theme of my birthday was "childhood fun fiesta!" I've always wanted a moonbounce for my birthday party and I finally made that dream come true! I also had a pinata and bubbles. (I forgot to get hula hoops!)

We celebrated my 2nd birthday in L.A. at Elysian Park this past Sunday! I'm just happy it didn't rain and was slightly warm....slightly. Thank everyone for the birthday wishes! Ya'll really know how to make this Texas girl feel special!

On Tuesday the 29th, my actual birthday, a few friends took me out to Botega Louies in Downtown L.A. where I experienced my first macaroon and Clam pizza? The jury is still out on that one.

Hope ya'll have a Happy Friday!
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