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Banana Split

Ah yes! Time for me to share my newest music listens with ya'll!

Battles- Ice Cream
When I first heard them I thought it was a new song by Animal Collective. (You have to admit the vocals are similar.) The music video is directed by CANADA who also directed my beloved El Guincho- "Bombay"

James Blake- Wilhem Scream
I discovered Mr. James Blake via my twitter follower Ali! I'm glad I did. James Blake is supposedly taking the dubstep world in a different direction. Too bad he sold out both of his L.A. shows!

Alright I owe ya'll 2 amazing playlists by the beginning of summer! Soon as things settle down with school. Transferring schools can be great fun and yet a nightmare when you're not guided. I'll get it together soon.

Can't Wait

Oh glorious Monday morning. I'm positively well. So much is going on right now I'm playing catch-up. Summer is almost here but unfortunately in L.A. it looks like October?

Anywho...New items in the MissRiot.com store. I've added this super kawaii studded corset to the store but there is only one so if it's your size snag it!

I'm really excited right now for the great things to come. I've signed up for my first class at the Upright Citizens Brigade and absolutely can't wait to start! Who knows maybe one day I will be able to guest star as the first American actor on the I.T. Crowd. (Love Richard Ayoade)
If you ever need something to watch on your Netflix, this is hands down one of the funniest shows there is!

Okay ya'll have a good Monday!

Little Miss Sunshine

Vintage Oversized Sweater, Long Sleeve Mesh Dress- American Apparel, Dolce Vita for Urban Outfitters Dolcetta Harness Heel Boot
The winner of the MissRiot.com/Olas Handbags contest is....(drumroll) Rachel Moon!

Congrats! Have a fun time at the THREADShow and enjoy your new gift from Ola's Handbags!

My apologies by not getting to the blog sooner! Blogger was down for almost 2 days and I could publish absolutely nothing! Also because of this maintenance over 20 comments were deleted from the blog because they were made after May 11. Luckily, the comments forward to my e-mail. So I had a record of everyone who entered!

On the bright side, I'm very excited about my new boots. I don't quite have the cash for the Sam Edelman "Zoe" but these offer a cheaper comfortable alternative! The Dolcetta harness boots is apart of a special collaboration by Dolce Vita for Urban Outfitters. So they're only available via UO which is pretty much sold out nationwide. I went on one of my epic shoe hunts to find them and voila. Now, if I could only get my hands on a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell "Foxy" in Pink Suede.

Style Series: Ola

 I had the fabulous opportunity to style Ola, an L.A.-based handbag designer and reader of MissRiot.com for a photo shoot this past month and had an amazing time shooting in the mountains!

Ola is also wearing the new "Isis" earrings which will be in the MissRiot.com soon.

Now for the good stuff!
I'm teaming up with Handbags by Ola to bring 1 lucky L.A. reader tickets to Sunday's THREAD Show and a wallet from Handbags by Ola (valued at $80) The wallet debuts at Sunday's Thread Show and you will be one of the FIRST owners!
Handbags by Ola

So how do you win?

Easy! Follow Handbags by Ola on Facebook and leave a comment here with your favorite color for summer!

The contest ends Friday at 1PM.
Good Luck Rioteers!

Swim Good

Lately, I have really enjoyed the sounds of 23-year-old, New Orlean's-born Frank Ocean. He's been a songwriter for a while and signed to Island Def Jam about a year ago. However, he didn't receive much recognition until he released his album, "Nostalgia, Ultra" for free on his tumblr.

Another artist, The Weeknd, is a favorite of mine right now:
The Weeknd- "Morning" via Unpiano

I must admit I like the way R&B is going right now. I might even return to listening to it. Bring back the Keith Sweat vocals! Typically, I just listen to a lot of chillwave and anything with a dreampop sound like Beach House.

Sidenote: Do any of ya'll have tumblr? Please post below! I'm trying to figure out my tumblr rinnyriot.tumblr.com as we speak.

The Bilinda Butchers

By now, ya'll know when I discover new music I love to share! I first heard this band on a Viva-Radio playlist and literally searched the interwebs for more of their music. I had the pleasure of interviewing Michal for MissRiot.com and turns out they're just as interesting as the sounds they produce! Read up and find out what inspires the creation of nostalgia pop!

New Items in the Store

Have you checked out the MissRiot.com store lately? There is a lot more in-stock ya'll!

Be sure to click on the Shop polaroid on the right-hand corner to see what's in store!

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