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Unicorn Tears

I have been planning to make this mix for a little over a month now. It started off as a playlist for someone going through a break-up. However, now I think this playlist can also double as a nice chillout mix.

Featured Artists: Wye Oak, The Radio Dept, Memoryhouse, Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala, Stars and more...

Give it a listen. It will make your Thursday better. I promise.

Night Creepers


Only God knows how much I've watched this video over the weekend! I truly admire Drew Barrymore's directing. The girl is crazy talented! Whip It was awesome (especially since it was set in Tejas!)  What I really enjoyed in this video was of course the styling. The look of the Night Creepers gang was is very post-punk meets Rockabilly, a look I donned most of 2007. Take a look as Chloe Moretz of (500)Days of Summer shines as Veronica in the Night Creeper gang...Oh and that kid from Maid in Manhattan is in the video too.

Anyway, I was inspired to put together like pieces to form my own take of the Night Creeper gang look. By the way the Night Creeper jackets were designed by Jezebel & Toff

Studded Denim Shorts- Runawaydreamz, Rose printed leather jacket- MadeMe Fall 2009, Cut-out boot- Balenciaga Spring 2011 ($1275 BudgetBuster!)
Are you a Day Trotter or a Night Creeper?

Want: Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots

These beautiful gems have been on my wishlist for the past few days and I must say that I'm truly intrigued. Jeffrey Campbell has done it again with the platform "Tardy" boots. Yes, they are very similar to the Chloe "Runway" Docs with a slightly better price tag.
My color of choice is red; which is weird because it's one of my least favorite colors to wear. However, I can't help to notice these boots bring about 90s nostalgia for me. I'm talking Shirley Manson (who I always thought was related to Marilyn Manson) of the awesome band Garbage,

"Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own? I thought you were special. I thought you should know."

Hola Mochila

From left to right: Vintage Eddie Bauer backpack in brown, Fossil II Reissue Backpack in Grey, Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler-2 backpack in Purple/Orange, Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler-2 backpack in Blue/Canvas, Asos backpack in Aztec print, Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler in black

Crazy about prints! Asos Aztec backpack vs. Zumiez Baja Backpacks
It's that time of the year again! Everyone enjoys this nostalgic time when retailers try to push the idea of  "Back to School" down your throat as you desperately cling on to the last bits of your short-lived summer. One day the stores are filled with American flags and the ideas of old-fashioned BBQ cook-outs and the next school supplies and lunchboxes line each aisle.

These days it seems like my cherished messenger bags and backpacks have bitten the dust. I ruined my vintage Eddie Bauer leather backpack at Coachella this year with sunscreen and pancake syrup. Needless to say I need a replacement.

I really want the Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler-2 backpack in purple/orange suede. However with a price tag of $200.....ehhhh

I've also had a keen eye out for the vintage Fossil re-issue leather pieces. They're very classic and seem pretty durable. However I wouldn't take them to Coachella. Never make the same mistake twice.

The printed canvas and baja backpacks prove to be a bit more in my price range. The Zumiez Baja backpacks are only $21.99. The Asos Aztec backpack is $77 but alas it's out of stock.

I just need something durable to store my laptop and notebook in yet stylish enough to carry as a purse because I will not carry both around on campus!

Now who needs a protractor?

Makeover Makeover: DIY Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges

Sleeveless Pink Shirt- Vintage, Black Mesh Jumper- American Apparel, Cross Necklace- XXI, DIY platforms- Moi

So I bought these platform woven wedges last year on Santee Alley in DTLA for $25. They're featured in one of my older posts. I love the look of length they gave my legs and anything over 5inches is okay in my book as far as shoes go!

Needless to say however, I got tired of the 70s-inspired woven pattern on the sole quickly. I needed to do something to protect my investment. So DIY to the rescue!

Here's what you need:
Black Acylic Paint, Thumb tacks 900-1000 (Try Staples or Walmart or the Dollar Store) and Matte Black Spray Paint


  1. Paint over the woven sole with black acrylic paint (It looked super nice and I wore it just like this for a while.) It takes a couple of hours to dry so I'd recommend painting at night and continuing in the morning.
  2. Stud the woven sole with the silver thumbtacks. (This can take you a few hours if you don't have cable. It could be weeks if you do!
  3. Spray paint the gold metal buckles with matte spray paint to match the rest of the shoe. A couple of coats is best to prevent crackling paint.
VOILA! Enjoy your new Jeffrey Campbell- tick wedges for a fraction of the cost!

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