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Eargasms: Vol. 1

I decided it would be a good idea to feature even more new music on the blog because sometimes it takes a while for me to get around to creating my 8tracks mixes.

These are the top 3 new artists I'm excited about.

Now this is more of an sample/instrumental. I think I hear a sample of Mya- "Be Your Girl" in it. Correct me if I'm wrong. He has the production qualities of Clams Casino so I'm sold. More here

Bad Rabbits
This band reminds me of Prince meets Gym Class Heroes. I used to be a huge fan of Gym Class Heroes in their early FueledByRamen days but then...they released "The Quilt" and the rest is history. I digress! I suggest you download their free EP Stick Up Kids. It's full of that sexy synthesizer that you would get on Prince's "I Would Die 4 U"

I came across this artist via Youtube. When I first heard "Six Piece Orchestra," I immediately thought of Salem and being back in Texas listening to "Take it To the Room" on 97.9 the Box. Nostalgic but interesting. This is the kind of hip hop I can dig from time to time. Check him out here

In the mean and in between time, you can check out my published mixes on

Studs and Spikes

I. Need. This. Now. or atleast a good couple of weeks to DIY it

Guess who has tickets to the sold-out M83 show in L.A. this January? Yours truly! Tickets went on sale this past Saturday morning and they sold out in 12 hours. Glory to thos, who remains terrifically impatient in matters of their own pleasure.

It's only right that I leave you with one of my favorite songs on their new album:

Nevermind the fact that this particular video reminds me of Children of the Corn minus the creepy cornfields.

Autumn Lemonade and Purple Lipstick

Perfect Purple Lipstick

Doesn't the little one look like she could be my child with the matching glasses?

There is nothing like treating your musical palate with the fine delicacies of that which is not in constant rotation on the radio. Some highlights from this mix would be Active Child- "Hanging On"

Listen to the mix ya'll!

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