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Belated Fiesta

Rinny's Birthday Fiesta 2011 from Rinny Riot on Vimeo.

I finally got around to editing the footage from my birthday fiesta in the park from last year and now it's almost time for my birthday again! This year, I don't anticipate doing much. Since my birthday is so close to Coachella, it probably isn't the wisest or most cost-efficient thing to do. 

The song is Tony Castles- "Black Girls in Dresses" btw
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  1. I saw this pic on Solange's Tumblr and I was wondering if this happened to be you at last years Coachella?


  2. Lol yes that's me as you can see here: http://rinnyriot.blogspot.com/2011/04/coachella-diaries-pt-3.html

    As Sam Sparro says, "Hot Mess."


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