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Tuesday is for lovers

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll! I'm baking cupcakes and watching the French films, The Dreamer, Amelie and The Beautiful Person. If I feel like it, I could throw in the film,  Hemingway's Garden of Eden.

If you find yourself feeling anti-Valentine's Day, you could listen to Andre3000's The Love Below album, The track "Happy Valentine's Day," is fitting. Perhaps you might want to watch a few films? I recommend She Hate Me, (500) Days of Summer or the entire Daria series.

P.S. Don't make fun of my cupcake icing skills...Yeezy taught me.

Volume 2 of the Make-out Sessions Playlist.
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  1. Random fact but did you know the 15 is singles awareness day?


  2. ...being single has daily awareness. Lol.


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