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Spread for 3000

Yes. This is what February looks like in L.A. Very Spring-like. It was about 80 degrees outside today complete with a considerate breeze. I just enrolled in my last required class for graduation. I nearly burst into tears because I had been back and forth between deans and department heads for the past 3 weeks. Now I can officially begin my post-graduation plans!

I'm contemplating moving to Espana. Not a permanent move, but it has been a desire of mine to live outside of the country. I'm not sure if now is the absolute right time; but after I finally visit Europe this summer I will be able to make that decision. Either way I'm excited so...

Let's go Toros!

I have random nostalgic memories of being a cheerleader in high school with a squad that quoted Bring it On! religiously. No joke, I know the entire opening song without so much of a blink.

Now I have to finish mailing off a few inappropriate Valentine's Day cards to the ones I care most about.
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