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Multiple Choice

I bought the Bear in Heaven album, "I Love You, It's Cool" this weekend after months of playing it on Spotify and I can honestly say it was worth every penny. Very rarely is an album good from start to finish. The only great examples are Tame Impala, Radio Dept and most Michael Jackson albums. I hate I missed their show in L.A. 

I also missed Black Moth Super Rainbow this past Saturday! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Why do I do these things?! 

However, I did get to see Dark Shadows. I'm a pretty huge Tim Burton fan so I guess that's cool. Ya'll should definitely check out the Bear in Heaven video for "Reflections of You." I know they released the "Sinful Nature" video today but I like this song more. NOTE: If you full screen this video, you might get DIZZY! I warned you. 

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  1. i love your hair :) btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)♥

  2. love the purple!!!

    question, did i see you on restaurant impossible???? just curious


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