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Bliss Trill

Betty Davis has a lot of clothes. Well that's what my shirt says. The copy on it reads kind of like dialogue from Black Dynamite, can you dig?

Speaking of which, the new Black Dynamite cartoon is hilarious just like the film. I attended  a screening for the film and pilot episode in June and literally keeled over from laughter for an hour and a half. I forgot how awesome that movie is.

While we're on the subject of awesome things, I've come across a lot of great new music in the month of July. Much of which I'd like to classify as "Trillwave" or "Bliss Trill." It's basically ambient music mixed with what we be considered a trill/ or trap-like infusion of sounds. The most prevalent being the 90s drum-machine. I've also heard other bloggers refer to this new take on music as future-trap and screwgaze. Either way, I find it to be very dope and wanted to share with ya'll in my latest mix:

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  1. Loving your braids! I love Black Dynamite, friggin hilarious!

  2. Omg I want your shirt !:)


  3. you look awesome, girlie!


  4. btw would you classify purity ring as bliss trill?

  5. Thanks ya'll and @Aspyn I would not clarify Purity Ring as bliss trill. Bliss trill typically samples 90s' R&B/ Hip Hop sounds and mixes it with sounds similar to Purity Ring

  6. hmm. that makes sense. i like the mix. that should actually be the genre name lol


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