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Porch Paint

I spent some time this weekend getting back into the swing of things with my acrylics. It has been far too long since I painted anything. Well at least since February, which to me is still a long time.

After spending so much time at art galleries and museums in these past couple of months, I was full of motivation to go out and create any and everything. I plan on finishing any blank or incomplete canvas I have in my possession before summer's end.

Today, I believe I'll leave ya'll with a song that helped me keep the creativity flowing. I picked up on Tamaryn during my music pr internship. It reminds me of a 90s summer. I can picture Cher from Clueless driving down Rodeo Drive in her jeep playing this song.

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  1. That's gorgeous!! I love it! You are talented!

  2. The painting look reelly good! xx



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