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Took a little vacay to my hometown of Houston,TX. I desperately needed a break. Working just as hard as Dolly Parton's support bras.

My jumbo senegalese twists are holding up fairly nice right about now. It helps to go in every 2 weeks or so for a touch-up which just means the perimeter around the front gets re-twisted. I'm contemplating taking them out soon and doing color for October but I'm so used to not doing anything to my hair at the "break" period is somewhat frightening. I wonder if my hair truly misses being tousled around.

My BFF Coco, did my nails while I was in town. Girlfriend loves her gel nails. I'm more of a one solid color girl. I haven't done fancy schmancy designs since high school when I thought I was Fergalicious. -_-

Let's see what do I have for ya'll on the playlist today?

The Avalanches- "Since I Left You."
When I'm home alone, I like to put on this song at the highest of volumes and do the choreography from the video in my living room. It puts me in an extremely good mood.

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  1. I actually like the nails...very cute. A break is always needed.

  2. Your hair and nails are awesome!

  3. I just discovered your blog today.. I really like that song and video by The Avalanche-Since I left You... Judging from your musical taste, I assume u already know of 89.9 KCRW here in L.A. correct? If not,go online and check them out or on the radio, I think u may like it.


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