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Yung Rapunxel


After I ran up and down the timelines of twitter like Paul Revere during his infamous midnight ride, I finally came home to my precious, Azealia Banks for MAC "Yung Rapunxel" lipstick. See me rocking it here It's that awesome deep 90s girl plum that I adore. I ordered this badboy at 5am the day it came out. It was only available online and in the MAC NYC stores; so I didn't want to risk it selling out, which it did. Alas, I love it and will probably wear the hell out of it this fall. 

Speaking of things I'm indulging in, my senegalese twists are a fairly new addition to my protective style family. First box braids and now the senegalese twists. I like the look and feel of the twists more. They're not nearly as heavy as my box braids but my hair does have a tendency to outgrow them fairly quickly. I'm considering using purple Marley braid hair for my next style but jeez it's not 2.99 a bag like that good ole' silky kanekalon!

I know it would be appropriate to post an Azealia Banks video here but I'm really into this track by Chad Valley feat. Glasser

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  1. I want to get my hand on this color sooo bad.
    Those twists looks great on you.

  2. That color is amazing! Great post.



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