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I swear I look like my Mom in this photo.

I took my twists down which limits my options for Halloween a bit since I was going to either be Michonne fro "The Walking Dead" or Dionne from "Clueless" My other options range from "Coming to America" characters to Rachel True's character from "The Craft"
Less than 4 days away and I'm not on my A-game. For shame!

Anyway I want to put my twists back in soon because it's SO friggin' easy to manage. I just wake up and go! I did miss seeing my hair just a bit. I cut it two months ago because I was well overdue for a trim but now it seems to have grown back.

Also, I tried the whole vegetarian thing for a week after I broke my molar on a piece of bacon :( It was just OK. For me personally, I would rather change my diet to eating more veggies and less meat than to get rid of meat altogether. It doesn't particularly suit my lifestyle just yet. But hey, in the future, who knows ? This babe could go 100% veggie as long as I have my CHEESE!

This time I'm leaving you guys with a song from one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME:

Does anyone notice Wayne Coyne's voice sounds a little like Kermit the Frog at certain parts in the song? Anyway I love it and empathize with it dearly.
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  1. The best route to a veggie lifestyle is replacing meat with eggs and fish especially fish high in omega 3's like salmon.
    Make sure it's wild salmon and not farmed. You get all the protein you need from fish but less saturated fat. It's easier to digest and has lots of amazing fatty acids that are really good for skin, hair and your brain. Best of luck!

  2. I'm Vegan and I can honestly say that I don't miss meat at all. I hated eggs before and dairy is horrible for you so it didn't hurt so much. Like you though, I LOVED cheese and that's the only thing that had me in the vegetarian stage for a while. BUT!I have found the best cheese sub of all time. I actually think it tastes better than cheese. Its called Diya and they have a cheddar, and mozzarella shredded option and now they just came out with wedges in cheddar, Havarti and something else...But it melts great and best of all, no soy! I was eating vamped up grilled cheese for like a week straight.


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