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Sky is the Limit

"My dark purple lipstick makes the world go round plus I smashing boxes and my bubble wrap now"--- My take on Notorious B.I.G.-"Sky is The Limit." Oh and the purple lipstick is Wet N Wild- 919B "Vamp it Up"

Last night I got to see Reggie Watts live at Bardot in Hollywood. Dude did a million encores. He was that good. So good that I in fact missed my philosophy exam this morning because of it. No big deal, I only need to graduate. On to good news:

This weeks mix is comprised of songs that are only named after people. Enjoy.


It's Friday! Make it count.

Oh and for the record, if you're a brown girl, one of the best nude lipsticks out there is NYX- "Orion". Pictured above.

Tuesday is for lovers

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll! I'm baking cupcakes and watching the French films, The Dreamer, Amelie and The Beautiful Person. If I feel like it, I could throw in the film,  Hemingway's Garden of Eden.

If you find yourself feeling anti-Valentine's Day, you could listen to Andre3000's The Love Below album, The track "Happy Valentine's Day," is fitting. Perhaps you might want to watch a few films? I recommend She Hate Me, (500) Days of Summer or the entire Daria series.

P.S. Don't make fun of my cupcake icing skills...Yeezy taught me.

Volume 2 of the Make-out Sessions Playlist.

Spread for 3000

Yes. This is what February looks like in L.A. Very Spring-like. It was about 80 degrees outside today complete with a considerate breeze. I just enrolled in my last required class for graduation. I nearly burst into tears because I had been back and forth between deans and department heads for the past 3 weeks. Now I can officially begin my post-graduation plans!

I'm contemplating moving to Espana. Not a permanent move, but it has been a desire of mine to live outside of the country. I'm not sure if now is the absolute right time; but after I finally visit Europe this summer I will be able to make that decision. Either way I'm excited so...

Let's go Toros!

I have random nostalgic memories of being a cheerleader in high school with a squad that quoted Bring it On! religiously. No joke, I know the entire opening song without so much of a blink.

Now I have to finish mailing off a few inappropriate Valentine's Day cards to the ones I care most about.

Belated Fiesta

Rinny's Birthday Fiesta 2011 from Rinny Riot on Vimeo.

I finally got around to editing the footage from my birthday fiesta in the park from last year and now it's almost time for my birthday again! This year, I don't anticipate doing much. Since my birthday is so close to Coachella, it probably isn't the wisest or most cost-efficient thing to do. 

The song is Tony Castles- "Black Girls in Dresses" btw


Counter-Clockwise From Left to Right: VPL Insertion Bra, Alexander Wang T-bra, VPL Stripe-B bra, Alexander Wang Signature Black Bra

So I have this thing for not wearing bras. I don't like the uncomfortable under wire. They're often expensive ($50 for "good" ones) and I don't really need my boobs to be pushed up to my nostrils. However, occasionally, you just can't wear a white tee sans bra. So I'm really feeling the look of these edgy comfort intimates...in black only BLACK.

By the way...Guess who's orange nails are in this One Republic video?


Rag Doll

Where art thou Rinny? Is it Black History Month already? January went by like a freaking hurricane. It seems like I've gone through a whirlwind of trials these past few months. My car was in a flash flood in January while I was visiting family in Texas and that put a dent in my pockets! Then it left me stranded in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico desert. Fun? There were at least a lot of nice people there.

Last semester in college is doing the most to my chill life vibes. Trying to add classes in the middle of a budget crisis is like trying to find organic food in the hood.

Through it all, I am here writing, because well I have an obligation damn it! Plus it keeps me somewhat sane.

*Antoine Dodson voice* So obviously, Valentine's Day is coming up and me well...I have plans which might involve watching a couple of French films and whole trade roses. We'll see.

I wanted to give ya'll an early Valentine's Day gift, my latest mix on 8tracks, Love Simulation

I compiled a list of all the songs that made me think how cool it is to be in love sort of?
I included tracks from Band of Horses, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi-- ya know the sweethearts of indie.

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