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Asos 90s crop top, American Apparel Tap Shorts, Steve Madden GRETTTA platforms, MissRiot Turban-available here

Photo heavy post. I finally decided to rock my purple Steve Madden Grettta platforms after they sat on the shelf for months. I pined for these lovelies all last summer and when I finally had them in my possession, I never wore them.

This is probably due to the fact that I purchased them in the fall and I wasn't not one of those college students that rocks heels to class.

I know I'm giving you 70s tea in these photos but I can't help the fact that my room looks like a 1975 shag shack. [insert Kanye-like shrug here]

In keeping in line with the vintage feel of the photos, I'm listening to Dionne Warwick.

This song has been sampled by J.Dilla on his Stonesthrow Donuts compilation and Usher's Confession album track "Throwback."


Porch Paint

I spent some time this weekend getting back into the swing of things with my acrylics. It has been far too long since I painted anything. Well at least since February, which to me is still a long time.

After spending so much time at art galleries and museums in these past couple of months, I was full of motivation to go out and create any and everything. I plan on finishing any blank or incomplete canvas I have in my possession before summer's end.

Today, I believe I'll leave ya'll with a song that helped me keep the creativity flowing. I picked up on Tamaryn during my music pr internship. It reminds me of a 90s summer. I can picture Cher from Clueless driving down Rodeo Drive in her jeep playing this song.

Bliss Trill

Betty Davis has a lot of clothes. Well that's what my shirt says. The copy on it reads kind of like dialogue from Black Dynamite, can you dig?

Speaking of which, the new Black Dynamite cartoon is hilarious just like the film. I attended  a screening for the film and pilot episode in June and literally keeled over from laughter for an hour and a half. I forgot how awesome that movie is.

While we're on the subject of awesome things, I've come across a lot of great new music in the month of July. Much of which I'd like to classify as "Trillwave" or "Bliss Trill." It's basically ambient music mixed with what we be considered a trill/ or trap-like infusion of sounds. The most prevalent being the 90s drum-machine. I've also heard other bloggers refer to this new take on music as future-trap and screwgaze. Either way, I find it to be very dope and wanted to share with ya'll in my latest mix:

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