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Thanks Vision

Dress- Forever 21, Boots- Dr. Marten Aggy, Glasses- Mezzmer Eyewear

Yes, obviously, I'm pretty excited about my new eyewear and my Beetlejuice like dress. Before this pair, I've had the same glasses with the same prescription since 2011. Yeah...I know. I'm also really picky when it comes to glasses. I loved my old clear rose frames which made me look like Toro Y Moi's little sister but alas a girl got tired of the Urkel/Grandma jokes and mainly I was over them.

I took to the net to find my next pair. I tried Tortoise & Blonde first but when I received the "home try-on" kit the glasses were so tiny! They appeared to be made for 5th graders. I looked at other sites
like Warby Parker, Lookmatic, Glasses USA, Coastal and settled on the above "Big Easy" pair on Mezzmer which by the way also donated to the Boys & Girls club of America on behalf of my purchase. Since then, I've discovered other sites like Fetch, Eyefly and Firmoo (which has super reasonable prices). 

Currently listening to these awesome sounds courtesy of my obsession with iTunes radio.

Fall be kind.
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