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Biker School Girl Realness

What it do? I'm Paul Wall, the People's Champ...or something like that. Yes, I will state the obvious, my hair is Shrink City right now because I left it uncovered when I showered but I was trying to "steam it" so these are my shameful results. Don't make fun of my ears ya'll! I've been told they were ridiculously toddler-like in size all my life.

I wish I had more to say outside of my disappointment in last week's American Horror Story finale... I needed Angela Bassett to make another appearance in order to round out the series. Le Sigh. Back to waiting for The Walking Dead to return, filling out 90s related Buzzfeed quizzes and watching the entire series of Daria on DVD in the meantime.

What I'm listening to:

I've played this song every day for the past few weeks. It's NSFW btw.

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