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Aries Season

Yay for it being my birthday. I didn't do too much of anything outside of pay traffic tickets, hang out with friends..oh and Disneyland. It was my second trip to the land of Disney and I even went to California adventure this time! Only thing is I don't do roller coasters in any form or fashion. I rode Tower of Terror once as a kid, I don't need to experience that ever again in life.

I did get on what I thought was a harmless swing ride called, "Silly Symphony," in Paradise Pier and I was oh so wrong. There wasn't shit silly about that damn ride. I wanted to throw up and all I could do was close my eyes and hope my lap bar didn't fall apart in mid-air. However, I thought it was awesome that I got a birthday button and everyone was obligated to acknowledge me as an aging human being and not my hair for once.
That was cool.

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