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Floral Mistress

Been obsessed with the whole "looks for summer 2k14" theme in real life. Thanks tumblr. There's no way I'm excluding black from my wardrobe so I'm just going to have to work around that and add bold lips, nails and maybe a floral pattern or two to the process. I've been living this monochromatic life for a while and I don't forsee myself exploring anymore of the pantone spectrum than necessary.
Ya'll have no idea how easy it is for me to wash clothes...so damn easy.

Yes, I'm kind of pseudo-blonde right now because I let the hair color completely fade. I kind of like it, low-key. I'm in a wedding so I don't think I should dye it back blue just yet. Might just keep it like this for a while.

Anyway, I'm going to have to use my friggin' DSLR in these posts and stop being lazy with the webcam.

Currently listening to Glass Animals...

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