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Free Press Summer Fest 2014

Yes, 50% of the Ying Yang Twins is standing right behind me.

Wu Tang Clan performs and all I can think about is Ghostface Killah's lackluster appearance on Couple's Therapy.

Die Antwoord dancing like crazy next to us during the Wu Tang set.

Ying Yang in this thang.

It rained. It poured. I got sick in the middle of my good pals' set and ruined my favorite pair of leopard platform vans due to mud. Some random security guard thought it was appropriate to tell me how much he wanted to kiss me when all I wanted to do was watch Wildcat! Wildcat! perform. (Unfortunately, their set got rained out.) Music festival season brings out the best in all of us.

On the bright side, I got to see CHVRCHES who was amazing minus the one dude's crazy seagull-like dancing. Literally dude was flopping around the stage like a baby bird trying to take flight for the first time. I know we can't all be blessed with melanin and rhythm but damn. They were still good live though. Also, glad the music scene in Houston is doing something...crowd was still overwhelmingly full of bros but we all  have to make it through Warped Tour crawl before we walk.

What have I been doing? My best friend, Coco got married. I was maid of honor in the wedding and I got the worst Dominican Blowout of my life for $80. I washed it out within a week. Straight hair really does not feel like me anymore. I did look like a scene kid for about 4 days, though. Also, I might be allergic to weddings?
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