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Suzy Screw


Was on the fence about these Jeffrey Campbell Mulder boots and they hurt like all hell but I've grown to love them plus they make my legs look long(er) I'm like 5'8 so I don't know why I need 6 inch heels most of the time. Being 6'4 is cool, ya'll. Also wearing heels makes it look like I put in effort when all I want to do is rock power wash tees and cut-offs on most days.

MACxNastyGal lipstick

So I kind of had to get all of the MACxNastyGal lipsticks because they're matte. So far I've only rocked Runner but they all are nice shades.

Listening to...

Note: this video wastes a lot of food which disturbs me cause I like spaghetti and want to eat it a lot. Reminds me of the time I saw Azealia Banks crush a perfectly good hot dog but I think it had something to do with symbolically destroying patriarchy so it's cool.

I be on my black girl shit.
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