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Marfa or Bust Pt. 2



The next day we hopped on a highway 90 to see the Prada Marfa installation in Valentine, TX. It's a good 30 minutes outside of Marfa but worth the almost too serene sight. It's unfortunate that someone vandalized the installation by destroying the Prada awnings. This time I don't think it was the guy that turned it into a Toms store. I heard he had to pay beaucoup money for that shit.

Anyway we took pictures there for a bit before the "OMG! We're two black girls by ourselves in the middle of nowhere" feeling took over. Next stop El Paso. We ate at some place called Tom's which had weirdly greasy macaroni and cheese which I absolutely do not fuck with. They did have something strikingly similar to what my Canadian friends would consider poutine which was good and their music selection of TV Girl was awesome but the place "ran out of straws" so....in essence bump that.

I didn't take anymore photos after that because...life. Would I do it again? Absolutely not. I would however hang out in El Paso for a few days. That place seems real chill AF.

Oh and this happened:

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  1. Would you ever consider posing nude for art?


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