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Brazil, Brasil, Brasilia

I promised I'd start back blogging so here I am. You have the new Beach House album to thank for this.

So, I randomly decided to go to Brazil with my college mate this past July. I'd never been out of the country before this and damn sure didn't have a passport.

So after hours of trying to get my passport photo the way I wanted, I ended up with this:

Successfully getting passport photos approved with visible septum piercing ✔️ Brazil, here I come!

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I spent time in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rio was probably my favorite beacause of its proximity to the beach and the fact that I could finally see clear blue water. Sao Paulo was the equivalent of vacationing in a big city like Dallas.

I can't speak any portuguese and was lucky if someone could understand my rickety spanish on a good day.

Took a tour through the Tijuca forest but was scared of snakes the whole entire time. Also visited the Christ the Redeemer statue and was so underwhelmed because of the immense amount of people there snapping pictures with ridiculous selfie sticks.

The weird part is I didn't get a crazy amount of photos there. I'm going through my SD card thoroughly disappointed. Also, I took the standard body kit lens on my camera which sucked so bad.

All in all, I'm most likely going to go back at least to Rio.

Oh yeah... vlog about stuff

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