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Black Girl Club

Well it's obviously been a very long time since I've put anything up on MissRiot.com. Almost let the domain expire...(just kidding/not really) Any old way, some of y'all have been here through my first big cartel shop 5 years ago and I loved each and everyone of y'all for it.

Now, I launched my new bundle of joy GrandmaRoseCo.com. It's basically a shop for 4th wavey feminist merch. The item I'm most proud of is these "Black Girl Club" Varsity Bomber Jackets. They are everything I've ever wanted. The story behind these is that I really wanted to make something that reaffirms #blackgirlmagic. It can be so hard just trying to assert yourself as "good enough" when you're consistently pressing against adversity. Whether it's a lack of representation or erasure of your valid emotional being, it can be beyond frustrating to defend your personhood.

Here's my reminder that you are more than good enough.

Save $24 on the "Black Girl Club" jackets during the #ShopSmall Pre-order through Midnight 11/28
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